Welcome to Kapila Business Hotel, Pune

Hotel Kapila, Pune, is one of the best business hotels in Pune. Utility and opulence combined together, we give rise to a brilliant example for the hotel industry. The ultimate choice for business travellers, Hotel Kapila, Pune, provides its guests with personalized services that touch your heart.

Located on Dhole Patil Street, Hotel Kapila, Pune, is surrounded by shopping malls, multi-cuisine restaurants, and is very close to the railway station, which makes it perfect for business guests.

Kapila Business Hotel, Pune Pune Board Room in Hotel Kapila Pune
Kapila Business Hotel, Pune Pune Reception at Hotel Kapila Pune
Kapila Business Hotel, Pune Pune Banquet Hall at Hotel Kapila Pune 3

Our rooms are well-endowed with modern amenities and marvellous décor that create a sense of a pleasant retreat. Hotel Kapila, Pune, brings you away from the humdrums of life and offers you a refreshing stay with world-class services and immense care. The rejuvenating ambience and the quality amenities impress you like no other!

Kapila Business Hotel, Pune Pune Cafe at Hotel Kapila Pune
Kapila Business Hotel, Pune Pune Lobby at Hotel Kapila Pune

Hotel Kapila, Pune, has a restaurant, Café Boulevard. This 24-hour eatery serves authentic multi-cuisine dishes and never fails to impress the hotel guests with its flavour and aroma. We also have 2 banquet hallsanda board room that are perfect for holding events such as meetings, seminars, conferences , weddings, parties and so on.

Our in-house fitness centre is another jewel in the crown. It is well-equipped and a great place to unwind and pamper your body.

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